• To motivate women to realize their purpose and fulfill their God-given assignments.
  • To show women how to actualize their dreams through development of business plans, marketing strategies, vision plans and other key elements necessary for birthing their purpose.
  • Teach women to maximize their gifts, ideas, talents and potential.
  • Distribute food and clothing to families in need.
  • Provide grants and scholarships to further push them into their destiny.

Learn to love who you really are:
  • Move from low self-esteem to unshakable confidence
  • Stay positive and joyful in challenging times
  • Take responsibility for your life 
  • Get better results in your life by making better decisions
  • Identify priorities and create new choices
  • Take positive action to create change
  • Create a project plan with focus, commitment and  motivation
  • Discover the knowledge and power to move life forward
  • Unlock their God given potential
  • Develop leadership skills

We also provide assistance with natural or physical needs such as:
  • Clothing distribution at most conference or as needed by family
  • Food distribution at the conference or as needed by the family
  • Grants and scholarships given at every conference
  • Hygiene products and kits.

Our goal at Woman of Worth:
What is the Woman of Worth Conference?
A Woman of Worth: Empowerment Ministries is a life changing, bondage breaking, yoke destroying, refreshing time for women.  If you want to be restored, if you want to be refreshed - don't walk RUN to this life changing event.
-Pastor Valerie Thornton

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Hosea 4:6 tells us that people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Proverbs 29:18 also warns that where there is no vision, the people perish. Our desire is to give them the tools to:
  • See the vision
  • Write the vision
  • Believe the vision
  • Achieve the vision  
WOW Academy Course Setup?
  • Classes are virtual
  • DreamGIRLDream Sessions are In Person
  • Students will use Google Classroom, Zoom & iLearn
  • Instructors will host live class sessions for every course
  • Students can take up to 3 classes
  • Regular office hour times are available
  • Grades will appear on progress reports