Woman of Worth Affirmations
Here are a some affirmations to speak over your life:
  • I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
  • I am a woman of great worth to God and myself.
  • I have a wealth of love to offer the world.
  • I find inspiration in the things around me.
  • I find inspiration in the Word to do great things.
  • My outward beauty is an expression of my inward beauty and peace.
  • I have overcome challenges and obstacles to become an over comer in every area of my life.
  • I embrace my God-given potential.
  • I take personal responsibility for my life and I will not wait for others to validate me.
  • I have the God given power within me to be the best I can be and do the best I can do.
  • I will not settle for less than God’s best.
  • I focus on my achievements and goals and every past failure was a tool God used for my growth and His glory.
  • I have learned to let go of past experiences and I can move forward with God’s plan for my life.
  • I am aware of the words that I speak, therefore, I have girded my mind with the mind of Christ.
  • I will speak life into every situation.
Woman of God, it is time to affirm who you.  It is time to access the power and authority given to you by Christ Jesus:
Learning to love who you are and where you are…
- Jacquie Hadnot
WOW conferences and workshops will change your life?
Let us help you to move past your negative experiences in life and focus on your achievements and God-given destiny.  It is time to move forward with God's plan for your life.
If you take nothing else with you from this conference know this,  you are a woman of worth!

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