A Woman of Worth:  The Series
What started out as a personal journey through the "valley of devaluation" became a training manual for women around the world to arise and face one of their deadliest enemies: "the spirit of devaluation." Dr. Jacquie shares her journey through devaluation and the trials she faced coming to terms with her own self-worth. This book will send you running to the mirror, asking the question, "Have I allowed the people around me to demean, devalue or cause me to lower my standards?"  You will come face to face with the enemy within you as you allow her testimony to peel away the layers of fear, doubt and negativity. A Woman of Worth: Loving the Skin I'm In is a testimony to the spirit of excellence that lives inside of each of us.
A Woman of Worth: Loving the Skin I'm In
Learning to love who you are and where you are... Learning to love yourself is not always as easy as we think. In a society where we are judged by our weight, height, skin color, careers or titles - the enemy can bring us to a place where we devalue or look down on ourselves. It's time to learn to love who you are and where you are in life.
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Before you make your bouquet in life, please enjoy the beautiful gardens, of all the women around you. Always stop and smell the roses.
You will not find a more GREEN experience than in our garden, A Woman of Worth: Loving the Skin I'm In. All of us have a story to tell, a flower to smell, and a life to change. Allow my journey of discovery to be one of the tools to bring encouragement, inspiration and motivation to your life.

-Dr. Jacquie Hadnot

A Woman of Worth:  Talitha Cumi, Woman Arise!
Talitha Cumi Women of God, arise to the purpose and plan that God has for your life.  For years, women have been lying dead due to the issues of life, but it is time to ARISE to a new life in Christ! It is time to take the power and authority we have been given and ARISE!
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A Woman of Worth: Dressed to Heal
The 3rd book in the series helps you discover what it means when a women is dressed to heal so that she can go forth and heal a nation. There are nations waiting for what is inside a healed and whole woman, nations on the streets, nations of prostitutes, nations of homeless, nations of abused and nations of lost women - waiting for us.
A Woman of Worth:  From Victim to Victor
Opens with the story of a young woman caught in the vicious cycle of emotional, physical and financial abuse at the hands of the man she promised to love, honor and obey.  Dr. Jacquie shares Jayla's story with honesty and transparency in order to help other women caught in the grip of domestic violence.

As women, we often struggle with the question, AM I ENOUGH? Am I good enough? Am I strong enough? AM I ENOUGH? It does not matter how you fill in the blank the question is glaringly apparent, Am I enough? Because we face competition in many areas, we are often challenged to define our own worth which further places us in a box of mediocre seasons and cycles that render us stagnant and unproductive. It is vital that you understand that NO MAN knows the measure of your worth.
A Woman of Worth: I Hope You Dance!
It is time that you throw the naysayers off your feet - and DANCE. As you read this book, I hope you release the joy locked inside and dance! Affirmations for a Woman of Worth: I Hope You Dance! contains over 250 affirmations to speak over your life. This book will guide you along the path to speaking life while learning to dance in the midst of the storm. 
50% of the Proceeds from the sale of books in the series are donated to WOW ACADEMY