Apostle Sarah White's Bio
Apostle Sarah L White was called to the Lord 17 years ago. She was the first born of 5 daughters to her parents. Born and raised in Alexander City, Alabama. She is the mother of 3 daughters, 1 son, 14 grandchildren, and 8 great grandchildren.

Before coming to Kansas City Missouri in 1999, Apostle White served under the leadership of Bishop Eddie Edwards and Pastor Cynthia Edwards of the Greater Works Ministry of Alexander City, Alabama. She served at New Covenant Life for a season. Then God compelled her to start a prayer group, and a thirst for more grew, which led to a weekly bible study, and soon after God birthed Life Abundant Ministries.

The most important thing to Apostle White is her personal & intimate relationship with the Lord. This is what she cherishes and loves the most....He's my "Big Daddy!" Her style of preaching is based on the truth of God's Word; it is uncommon, radical and transparent. Her desire is to build-up the men and women and to help them establish God's plan, purpose and will for their life. Some of her famous sayings are, "Open you mouth as a trumpet “Speak out for your break through", "Pop it! Pop it! Pop it!...like popcorn (Asking God to break the force of the enemy over God's people)", "Ride it out! (Ride the storms of your life out)", "He's my Big Daddy...my Rootie Poo Poo!".

She loves being a servant to God's people. Loving and serving them in every aspect of the bible. Helping them learn to live the will of Jesus for their life, in the fullness thereof. She is obedient to God's will and his purpose and plan for her to be a shepherd, to feed his people the truth of his Word. Because he said I come to give life and life more abundantly (John 10). She believes in Life, in Jesus, in living the fullness of His glory and power. That’s where the name of the ministry derived from...Life Abundant Ministries.