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-Women's conferences
-Leadership development
-Empowerment, Inspiration & Motivation
-Community building
-High school or college workshops
-Personal and professional growth
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Who is a woman of Worth? A woman of worth is a woman who\whose:

  • Is priceless
  • Is strong
  • Handles her business
  • Only fears the Lord
  • Has wisdom from God
  • Has power
  • Is inspiring to those around her
  • Is an outstanding achiever
  • Beauty is from the Lord
  • Makes a difference in her community
  • Sees a need and doesn't hesitate to get involved
  • Empowers other women
  • Mentors and encourages children or teens
  • Helps the broken to mend
  • Helps survivors to heal
  • Walks in a “Spirit of Excellence"
  • Is an advocate of the less fortunate
  • Stands firmly on the Word of God.
  • Faith is unshakable.
  • Spirit is unbreakable.
  • Is an over comer by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of her testimony.
"I want women to realize that they are priceless and should be celebrated and not simply tolerated!"

- Dr. Jacquie Hadnot
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